Time to be your 21

does anyone still roleplay on tumblr or nah



ur mom hands u a glass of orange juice. u take a sip. its not orange juice. its stirred egg yolks. u spit them all out. u ask ur mom why. she turns around. its not ur mom. its me. ur mom is gone. im ur mother now

these old spice commercials have been getting really crazy lately 


"whats tumblr? what do you do on there?"



Veronica Mars (2014): Favourite Scenes [1 of ?] [x]

Veronica, Piz, Wallace & Mac dancing.

"A lot of people hurt Logan in his life. Veronica knew that. I just look at her and I feel it, man. She smiles at me and it’s game over."
— Jason Dohring talking about Logan and Veronica.

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You should only wear this.

"Apparently coming to a club alone is just asking for it."