Time to be your 21

Quinn Fabray had opened  up her own Photography studio on the outskirts of Lima just shy of her  21st birthday. She was swamped with clients who brought in everyone from their children to their pets just to get a picture by the amazing Quinn Fabray. Quinn’s life was finally the way she wanted it to be. She was finally at peace with everything that had happened in her past. Then one day, a day that started out like any other day, turned into one she will never forget.

Quinn was out back taking pictures of the horses that her neighbors had in their yard when she heard a slightly familiar voice calling for her. When she turned around she saw Rachel Berry holding the hand of a small blonde girl who looked to be about six years old. Quinn had a weird feeling in her chest as she walked towards her old friend, a girl that she had once loved so much, and the little girl. Once she got to Rachel she noticed something in the little girl’s face, a small ounce of something very familiar to her, but she couldn’t put her foot on it. 

"Hello Quinn.." Rachel said softly, looking into the eyes of the girl who she had once wanted to spend the rest of her life with. "I.. Well. I was wondering if you could do me a favor.." Quinn stared at her, smiling softly as she looked between Rachel and the little girl. "Sure. Anything." It had been three years since they had last spoken to eachother, but she still could feel the electricity between them that had been there since grade school. "Well.. Hold on." Rachel looked down at the little girl and smiled softly, "Sweetheart, you want to go look at the horses?" The small girl nodded and ran to the fence, Rachel then turned her attention to Quinn.

"I dont know if you know this… but two years ago, there was an accident.." Quinn wasn’t quite understanding what Rachel was talking about, but she nodded, urging her to go on with the story. "Shelby, my mom, was in a car wreck.." She looked down at her hands, fiddling with them. "She passed away instantly but Beth.." Quinn’s eyes shot up at her upon the mention of her daughter. "Beth wasn’t in the car.. But she had no where to go.. Shelby, she didn’t have anyone.. Just a four year old with no place to go." Rachel chewed on her bottom lip, on the verge of tears. "As you can imagine, when I received the notice that Shelby had passed I was very worried about Beth, so I went to Child Services and told them that I was Shelby’s only family, and asked them to look over her paperwork to see whom she had left Beth to in case she passed away… It was my fathers." Rachel smiled softly and turned towards the little girl who was standing on her toes to pet the horse on the nose. "Beth lives with me now Quinn. That little girl is Beth.. I should have told you sooner but I didnt know how to explain it to her.. She still doesn’t know, but I was hoping maybe you could help me explain it to her." 

Quinn’s world felt like it was spinning. She didn’t know if she should cry or run to the little girl and grab her up, never letting her go. Ever since she and puck gave the tiny baby up for adoption Quinn had wondered about Beth. There were hundreds of things thats she constantly wanted to ask Shelby about but never had the courage to. “Can I… Can I take some pictures first?” Quinn said in a barely audible voice, her lips forming into a smile as Rachel nodded and called Beth over.

"Beth, sweetheart. This is Quinn, she’s very nice and well, I’ve always had a crush on her." She smiled and picked the little girl up, holding her close. "She wants to know if she can take some pictures of you. Is that okay?" Beth nodded and held her arms out for Quinn to hold her. Quinn smiled and held her arms out, picking up her daughter. "Hi Beth." 

Quinn spent the rest of the day taking pictures of the little girl and getting to know about her. She learned that her favorite color was purple and she wanted to be a singer when she grew up. She learned that Beth loved to twirl in circles and watched Full House whenever she got a chance. Her favorite food was Pizza and Hotdogs and she didn’t think anything looked good unless it had glitter on it. When they finally got a chance to sit down and explain to the little girl what had happened in Quinn’s life, and who Quinn was, she was surprised to feel two small hands wrap around her own. 

One belonging to the girl she had always been inlove with, and one belonging to the small child that she was just beginning to know.

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